Option to Pay Online – Using ZEGO

Thank you for choosing to rent with Stuart & Maury Inc. Realtors

You have the option to pay your rent online using Zego. If you choose to use this service, it is completely optional, meaning you can use it one time or you can set it up to send recurring payments each month.

There is a $2 transaction fee for paying with e-check method. E-check is providing your bank routing and account number. I do not recommend paying by Credit Card as this comes with a 2.95% convenience charge.

The payment Site is called Zego. Create an account using the address of the lease, starting with the number and then street name of the property. Here is the web link to access Zego  https://payments.gozego.com/login/resident

If you have any questions or concerns about paying your rent online, please reach out to our Property Manager Anne-Marie Weeks amweeks@stuartandmaury.com and she will be happy to assist.

PLEASE NOTE: This link is provided as a convenience only and Stuart & Maury, Inc. has no control over the context or operation of the linked site. When you access the linked website you are leaving the Stuart & Maury, Inc. website and Stuart & Maury, Inc. is not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur when using the linked site.